Sparkle Season

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas time means party time. Last night, I had a holiday party, and opted for a sparkling dress and statement shoes. I've always been the girl who wears dramatic makeup- long winged eyes, gold sparkles, red lips, but lately I have been loving the natural look with bold brows + lips and only mascara on eyes. With this type of look you want people to admire your dress. Slick back your hair, highlight your cheeks, and have a lot of fun! Sipping champagne will be required with this outfit! ;)

Dress: Halston Heritage (Similar here!)
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti ( Another style of silver shoes here!)
Clutch: BCBG Maxazria

xx- Stani

Camera is back, Stanislava is BACK!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

I have missed you! Have you missed me?! I have my camera back, so my blog is back as well! I'm loving prints this season. Mixing prints together can be challenging, but also fun. What do you think? Also- I have officially found my new favourite place to take pictures. Love the all white atmosphere, the clothes are more visible, and at the end of the day, it is all about the clothes, isn't it?

Skirt: Marc Jacobs (Similar here!)
Sweater: Marc Jacobs (Similar here!)
Shoes: Alexander Wang (Similar here!)
Coat: Pink Tartan (Similar here!)
Purse: Saint Laurent

xx- Stani

The Importance of Forgiveness

Friday, 21 August 2015

Me- 22nd birthday
Me- Grade.8 

It happens to the best of us, doesn't it? Being hurt by people. We live in a world where cyberbullying is quickly becoming the #1 source of suicides, where media is making it acceptable to body shame, and where people are forgetting the importance of deep relationships.

Before I begin this, I want to say that this is NOT a pity party. I felt the need to share, in hopes that someone needed to read this. Everything that I will write about, I have been healed from, and am currently living a very content & happy life. No need for sympathy!

I've been hurt. A lot. By people I considered friends (and some I didn't), so I know first hand what does it mean to cry alone in a dark room, and wish nothing but evil on the person who caused you pain. I was severely bullied (yes, I know a lot of people are, but it doesn't make this topic any smaller) when I was in high school. I was the ugly duckling. The girl with buck teeth in grade 8, bright red hair, and acne. The boys used to make fun of me, I got pushed into lockers, and I can't tell you enough how many times I heard the words, "fugly”, “disgusting”, and “put a bag over your head." A group of popular girls always made sure to make it known just how un-included I was. Constantly talking about all their fun plans around me, inviting others to sleepovers, but never once caring that I had to leave school early because I couldn't stop crying. Little do they know, that I became depressed at a young age. I tried to commit suicide on multiple occasions (taking a bunch of pills is a no joke). In the 11th grade I could't handle it anymore, and switched schools. I spent my whole grade 11 in the library. Didn't make a single friend, because I was so scared of people.

Fast forward after graduation. I am a completely different person. I am confident, cheerful, and love being around people. I have found one of my callings in life, which is speaking to young women in high schools, and encouraging them through their difficult paths. Yet, with my "new" personality, I still held onto painful memories. I wished evil to those girls. "I just want them to get a taste of what I went through", I would think to myself. Even found myself scoffing and laughing at some of them, because I felt like I had "won". I got the looks. Got the man. Got an exciting future. Got gorgeous girlfriends, and was invited to the hottest Vancouver parties. People wanted me now. They didn't want them. Terrible, I know. Forgive me, for I am a sinner

When I make friendships now, I am yearning for deepness. With deepness comes opening of your heart. I've opened my heart to a few girlfriends, and after years of friendship two of them have completely broken my heart. I remember crying to Vitaly, and asking him, "Is it me? Could it be something I did?" And I honestly examined our friendships. Looked at the wrongs I could have done. When fully examining the relationship, I realized it wasn't me. Not saying I am a perfect friend, but I own up to mistakes. I can't count on my fingers how many times I've had to ask for forgiveness. After realizing that it wasn't me, I became angry. Not just angry, bitter as well. I started making these girls into a devil. I stopped remembering all the times we laughed together, and started remembering all their faults. Focusing on "dark" secrets they told me, and judging their whole life by that. I needed them to be worse then I. I needed to feel like I was the greater being. I yearned for others to feel about them the way I felt about them. (Although disclosure- I do not share secrets. Even if a person has hurt me, I keep my mouth shut). I remember some of my friends were talking about one of the girls that hurt me, and I said, "Don't trust the wolf in sheep's clothing." Although I wouldn't publicly talk about my problems with them, I would find myself belittling them, in my own way. I know that when I speak, people listen. Probably because I'm so loud that they don't have another choice...

My life became darker, as the evil I wished on these people grew deeper inside of me. I became unhappier. I couldn't pinpoint what was causing the world around me to be grey. By books, my life was awesome. Parties, great marriage, finances, beautiful home & cars, yet I cried. I hid. Every time I went to church, I felt nothing. Everyone around me could feel the presence of God, and I could hardly raise my head up. I wanted out. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to leave my husband, and run. Hop on a plane and fly FAR away, where not even God could reach me.

Life only became darker, as I became more in denial about what was holding me back. I refused to find my faults. I refused to be wrong. 

Isn't it wonderful though, how even in the darkest situation a light would always beam through. No matter how small that ray of light, it will always come. Night becomes dawn, dawn becomes morning. You can't run away from light. It's there. You can try to play God, and hide from it, but there is only so long until you have to open your blinds in your bedroom, and see the light once again. And that is what have happened to me. Light came through. I remember I just fell to my knees one day, and started sobbing and crying out to God, "WHERE ARE YOU? You have left me, alone in my misery. I have not felt life in years." And that's when I heard a voice. His voice. I'm not going to get too spiritual, in respect to everyone reading this, but HE clearly stated that I had not felt life because I had created so much darkness inside me. It's eating me away. “Forgive. Start forgiving”. And there I was, on my knees, in the middle of a dark living room crying out all the people that had hurt me, and asking for FORGIVENESS from them, for just as they hurt me, I hurt them. I started BLESSING them. Asking for fulfilment in their marriages, careers, education, relationships. I FORGAVE them. I truly, deeply, that day, forgave them. All of the people. I sat in that room for what seemed like hours, I believe. Forgiving, crying, blessing. 

It was when I opened my eyes, that the world seemed bright again. The heaviness I felt inside me was lifted up. I was healed. I believe that anger inside of us actually makes us sick. The more you hate, the more you become open to worldly illness. 

My life has changed. My outlook has changed. Yes, I will be hurt, but I have learned the true importance of F O R G I VE N E S S.

Friends, I beg you. Don't let denial, anger and unforgiveness  rule your life. Forgive those who harmed you. I know just how hard it can be. But no matter where you are in life, ask for forgiveness. For me, it was through praying. For you, it might be going into the wilderness, and releasing all your toxic thinking into the world. Don't let darkness rule your life.

Own up to your mistakes. Learn to love deeply. Learn how to invest your heart first into yourself, before you invest into people. If you learn to love yourself, respect yourself, and let go of unnecessary sense of guilt, you will find peace. Blessing to you all.

Lots of Love,

Makeup Brushes You NEED!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

1. Sigma Flat Kabuki F80-  This brush is incredible for applying liquid foundation. Creates a flawless, streak-less application. You will be thankful you got this brush! ($24.00 – Sigma)
 2. Mac 187- This brush is great for powder applications. It will create a flawless application on your face. Recommended to get a few of these because they work great as blush & bronzer applicators as well! ($42.00- MAC)
3. BeautyBlender- A classic makeup hero!  This sponge is a  miracle sponge! Liquid application will never be the same! It blends your makeup perfectly into your skin to create a flawless,  invisible application. GET THIS! ($19.97- BeautyBlender)
4. Dior Kabuki Brush- My favourite for application of bronzer. Kabuki brushes are great for specifically bronzers, because they are larger in size and a bit rounded. I prefer the Dior Kabuki over the Mac, but they are both very similar in size & price. ($54.00-Dior)
5. Sigma Larger Fluff E50- This is great eyeshadow brush for applying all over eyeshadow. Locks in eyeshadow colour & is very soft. Great as a basic applier. ($14.00- Sigma)
Mac 217- The best blending brush out there, for sure! This brush will blend all your eyeshadows colours together to achieve the most perfect eye look you could imagine. It is incredibly soft, and lasts for a very long time. ($24.00- MAC)

Tell me friends, what are some of your favourite brushes?

Golden Fringe

Monday, 17 August 2015

How hot is fringe right now? I got this skirt for an AMAZING deal at Holts. Such a great business meeting outfit. Also stylish for fall. I envision a black turtleneck, black tights, and some high boots! Click all the link to get outfit information!

Shoes: Louboutin (Cheap Alternative HERE)
Shirt: Prada ($45 on!)
Skirt: Tamara Mellon
Sunglasses: Tom Ford (Cheap Alternative HERE)
Watch: Michael Kors

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